House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning – When You Need It and When You Want It

Hailed as one of the best house cleaners Kansas City prides itself on, our house cleaning services are tailor fit to serve your every need. Packages are available ranging from complete, top-to-bottom cleaning to the cleaning of particular areas only. While other home cleaning companies narrow down their services to a token few that you can choose from, Steady Pro Cleaning Kansas City cleaning company endeavors to provide you with an assortment of cleaning options that target your specific concerns – and nothing that you do not need nor want.

Our years of being in the business as one of the top rated cleaning companies in Kansas city has allowed us to determine three areas that make up the core of our house cleaning services:

  • House Cleaning – For those who want their bathroom, kitchen, living and sleeping areas to be as spic and span as can be, our house cleaning service targets your family’s often-used activity areas to maintain its sense of order and cleanliness.

Who Our Clients Are

We cater to a wide variety of homeowners – families and singles alike – that find our services to be of great help and convenience in their lives:

  •  Those in need of recurring cleaning – We can set a regular schedule to clean your home (or parts of it) at regular intervals to ensure that your schedules and lives run a bit more smoothly.
  • Those who require move in or move out cleaning – For when you want the heavy scrub down of a house off your hands prior to moving in your furniture, or removing all traces of lived-in weariness when you move out of it.
  • Those who need a clean home to make an impression – Putting your house on the market? Throwing a big party and need the house to look its best? We can come over and help you make your home look its best with our house, window and carpet cleaning services.
  • Those who need post-remodeling cleaning – Home improvements will definitely require post-cleanup. Get in touch with us to get the job done faster, so you can sooner enjoy and make use of your renovated and newly improved home.

Package, Deals and Promotions

We strive to make our home cleaning services affordable, which is why we make sure our clients can look forward to deals and promotions from time to time. Special rates, great discounts and bundled prices await those who visit our website regularly, so be sure to stop by often to see if there is a deal you might want to take advantage of!